The Los Angeles Theatre ensemble

In the Company of Jane Doe

written by Tiffany Antone

directed by Mary Jo Duprey

Jane Doe cannot explain how the frozen cod got in her briefcase, she cannot explain why she keeps dreaming about snow, and she certainly doesn't understand why she is being kept awake night after night with dreams of a little man slicing her into bite-size pieces.   What she does know, however, is that she needs to get to the bottom of things before these mysterious "Incidents" get in the way of the biggest promotion of her life!   When the eccentric Dr. Snafu offers to clone her, she leaps at the opportunity.  What she doesn't realize though, is that by failing to disclose her multiple plastic surgeries she will come face to face with the "Jane-that-could-have-been", thus forcing her to confront her own inner demons.   What follows is a riotous, and fantastical, journey through one woman's fight for self-discovery.

Play History

In the Company of Jane Doe was a Princess Grace semi-finalist in 2006, a winner of the New Plays on Campus series with The Playwrights’ Center, and winner of the 2008 New Works for Young Women contest with the University of Tulsa.  The play also garnered the Dini Ostrov Stage Spirit Award and Marianne Murphy Women & Philanthropy Award in Playwriting.   In the Company of Jane Doe  was developed with The Playwrights’ Center, Theatricum Botanicum and UCLA where it received a workshop production in 2008.